Making juice like AFE isn’t easy, it’s simple. We invite you to discover why.

 We’re 100% fruit juice, but being 100% is much more than that — it’s a commitment. Check out this video to see what it means to us.

We make 100% fruit juice with a mission: to keep the earth the way we found it or better. In this video, we tell you how we work day by day to be more sustainable.

Agricultural Forestry “El Escudo” — AFE — is a Chilean family business, born in the year 1968 in the locality of Teno, Region VII, with a commitment to planting for the future. Since our origin as fruit cultivators, we have grown season by season, creating employment and rising to an important position in the field of fresh fruit exportation in Chile.

Faced with the challenge of finding products to add value to our fruit, we sought those which would stand out in terms of quality and naturality. That was how we discovered that the best process for producing natural juices was to recur to the old, traditional homemade recipe, combined with all the sophistication of modern equipment and pasteurization processes, quality control, and bottling systems. This way we could preserve the unaltered excellence and nutritional value characteristic of the fruit in its natural state.

Thus, in 1997, AFE Juice was born, proudly introducing the national market to an absolutely natural, additive-free juice: 100% PURE FRUIT JUICE.

In the year 2010, seeing the success of our products, we introduced the first organic fruit juice in Chile.

That’s who we are. Straightforward when it comes time to plant, harvest, bottle, and distribute our juices. We’re a family who addresses our consumers directly, without offering more than we truly have to offer: natural juices, organic juices, and the promise that nature is what drives us and what provides our raw material. That promise allows us to look them in the eye and tell them to enjoy the best juice we can make, 100% fruit.


We’re committed to producing our juice from only a selection of fresh fruit, with no added water, sugar, artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, or any other kind of additive.

Our only ingredient is fruit

Each juice provides you with the properties of the fruit they’re made from — nothing more, nothing less.

No added sugar or water

The elaboration of AFE Juice doesn’t include more water than the fruit naturally contains, nor does it have added sugar; the juice is as sweet as the fruit itself.
It contains only fructose, natural fruit sugar.

Natural color, flavor, and acidity

The color, flavor, consistency, and even the acidity of each juice is to be determined by AFE’s only ingredient: fruit. That’s why the juice’s color may vary depending on the different varieties and harvests of each fruit.

Long Life

Our juice can last 4 years, given that it’s pasteurized and stored in long-life bottles with a twist-off system. Once opened, they last approximately 7 days if kept refrigerated.